Rugby – An Amazing Sport You Have A Ton Of Things To Learn About!

How To Find A Sport On The Map!
Rugby or football, originally got its name after Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire, England. So, it is a place on a map for real! In fact, it was one of numerous places where football was played in the nineteenth century at English schools, but the name remained! CHydXZYWgAEkQC6So, the next time someone tells you that you cannot place your finger on a map and find a sport, prove them wrong!
Rugby And Ancient Ball Sports
The sports with a ball go way back in human history. In fact, even the old Greeks and Romans had ball games and ball sports. A large portion of these sports included players’ feet! The Ancient Greek amusement of this sort was called phaininda, but there are numerous variations, as you may imagine. That being said, it is completely understandable that ball sports to this day prevail! In fact, it seems as if it is only natural to kick a round object and have some fun with it!
How Balls Came To Existence
It is difficult even to envision that you didn’t have ball growing up as these air-filled balls have been around for some time! 2480That being said, even Romans had air-filled balls! Romans used to call them follis. Cicero, the Roman government official who lived c.130BC, even tells a story of a situation when a man passed on at a hair salon’s while having a shave, when a ball was kicked into the hairstyling parlor’s. Rugby_balls_gallery_brightwaysThis is how balls went down in history! In other words, balls have been used for amusement for quite some time and it is only natural to have fun with air-filled balls. This is precisely why there are so many sports around to this day that include balls. In fact, there are numerous sports that have balls in numerous conditions and with numerous rules, so the ball sports definitely prevail to this day.
What’s The Year Of Rugby?
e26c7ada-e1bb-444f-aa59-2fa45d0713db-300x225Not only that rugby has its own place on a map, but it also has its own year! In case you have been wondering the year of rugby is most definitely 1871. Why? Well, it is simple, the Rugby Football Union or RFU was founded in 1871. The very first rugby match was played in 1871, amongst England and Scotland. Of course, others rugby matches were probably played long before this one, it just happens so that this is the first one which was recorded in history as the official rugby match.
There Is No Place For Racism In Rugby!
James Peters, who was also known as “Darkie Peters” due to the color of his skin, was pulled back from the match in 1906 in the play England played against South Africa in rugby union surprisingly. In fact, the match was a fiasco as South African players declined to play against a dark player! Peters was also in the first team to play rugby for England, against Scotland.